September 19-21, 2007

Montana State University – Billings
Ballroom, Student Union Building

Thursday, September 20, 2007

8:30 AM         CONVENE - Ballroom SUB

8:35 AM         Roll Call, Approval of Minutes, and Introductions
                         [July 10-11, 2007 Minutes and August 2, 2007 Conference Call Minutes],   

8:45 AM         Welcome and Comments by Host Chancellor Ron Sexton.

                       Introduction and Comments: President Mace of
                       Rocky Mountain College.


9:15 AM


    1. Concept Review; MSU-Bozeman: International Education Opportunity - Provost Dooley, MSU-Bozeman.

    2. Postsecondary Education Policy and Budget Committee Agenda - Tyler Trevor, OCHE. Agenda | Work Plan

    3. 6 mill levy update - Commissioner Stearns.
  1. Campus Written Reports


Appointment of Members to the Fire Services Training Advisory Council; MSU-Bozeman.
Item 136-2004-R0907| Supporting Material 136-2004-R0907


MUS Directions:

11:30 AM       Student Reports

NOON              RECESS

1:00 PM          RECONVENE - Ballroom SUB


a.         Workforce, Research, and Economic Development

b.         Academic and Student Affairs

c.         Staff and Compensation

d.         Administrative, Budget, and Audit Oversight

5:00 PM         Public Comment

5:15 PM         RECESS

Friday, September 21, 2007

8:30 AM         RECONVENE

a.        MUS Financial Data Warehouse Presentation

b.        Operating Budget Presentation and Approval

The Board of Regents is required to approve the annual operating budgets (all funds) for the institutions and agencies of the Montana University System, for the fiscal year commencing July 1, 2007.  Approval of these operating budgets is required by 17-7-138(2), M.C.A.

11:30 AM       Executive Session - Missouri Room SUB
                             Commissioner's Evaluation - Part 2.

12:00 PM       ADJOURN or on completion of business


Other than the meeting starting time, times listed are approximate.  In addition, agenda items may be rearranged unless an item is listed as having a “time certain.”  Action may be taken on any item listed on the Board or Committee Agendas.  Public comment is welcome on all items.
The Board of Regents will make reasonable accommodations for known disabilities that may interfere with an individual's ability to participate.  Persons requiring such accommodations should make their requests to the Office of the Commissioner of Higher Education as soon as possible before the meeting to allow adequate time for special arrangements.  You may call or write to: ADA Coordinator, P. O. Box 203201, Helena MT 59620-3201, 406-444-6570, 1-800-253-4091 (TDD)