Montana State University-
Great Falls College of Technology
Heritage Hall

Thursday, May 28, 2009
1:00 - 3:00 PM


1:00 PM  


  1. Revision of Policy 706.1; Faculty Tenure   
    ITEM 143-103-R0509 | Supporting Material
  2. Hamilton Higher Education Center  
    ITEM 143-1010-R0509 | Supporting Material
  3. Montana State University-Great Falls requests approval of the update of the College Mission Statement  
    ITEM 143-2851-R0509

Level II Items

  1. A.A.S. in Insurance; Miles Community College
    ITEM 142-402-R0309 | Supporting Material #1 | Supporting Material #2
  2. A.A.S. in Biofuels Energy; Miles Community College
    ITEM 142-403-R0309 | Supporting Material #1 | Supporting Material #2
  3. Certificate of Applied Science in Computer Aided Design; UM-Missoula COT
    ITEM 142-1008-R0309
  4. Masters of Science in Geography; UM-Missoula
    ITEM 142-1009-R0309


2:00 PM  


Level I memorandum

2:15 PM  


  1. e-Transcript Update
  2. Campus Bookstore Textbook Cost Mitigation Ideas - Bryan C Thornton, The Bookstore at the University of Montana
  3. MUS Campuses will collaborate to offer a common program in Sustainable Energy Technology – Wind
  4. MSU Billings 2009 Final Accreditation Report
  5. MSU Great Falls 2009 Final Accreditation Report
  6. Miles Community College 2009 Final Accreditation Report
  7. Level II memorandum to campus academic officers (BOR will act on this item at the July 2009 BOR meeting)
  8. OCHE appreciation for Montana Tech’s 2 year renewal of Bill Macgregor’s temporary leave to serve as director of the transfer initiative
  9. Institute for Leadership and Public Service at the Mansfield Center – a congressionally-directed grant of $238,000
  10. Research Administration and Oversight
    (This portion of the agenda will be continued until Friday morning pending Governor Schweitzer’s potential attendance.)
2:50 PM   Public Comment
3:00 PM   ADJOURN on completion of business.