Montana State University-
Great Falls College of Technology
Heritage Hall

Thursday, May 28, 2009
9:15 - 11:40 AM

9:15 AM   ACTION
  1. Authorization to Execute Purchase of Property; UM-Missoula  ITEM 143-1008-R0509 | Supporting Material #1 | Supporting Material #2 
  2. Authorization for Expansion to the Health, Physical Education and Recreation Building; MT Tech 
    ITEM 143-1502-R0509
  3. Authorization to Lease South End Zone of Alumni Coliseum to MT Tech Foundation for the Purpose of Installing a Scoreboard; MT Tech  ITEM 143-1504-R0509 | Supporting Material
  4. Abrogate the Deed Restrictions on Former BLM Lewistown Field Office Property; MSU-Northern  ITEM 143-2802-R0509
  5. Proceed with Simulated Hospital as Included  in HB 5, 61st Legislature; MSU-Great Falls COT  ITEM 143-2853-0509
  6. Indexed Increases in ASMSU Student Activity Fees; MSU-Bozeman 
    ITEM 143-2011-0509 | Supporting Material
  7. Yellow Ribbon Program ITEM 143-108-R0509
  8. FY10 and FY11 Tuition and Fees  ITEM 143-102-R0509| Summary| Supporting Material


  1. Annual Status Report of Project Authority; MSU-Bozeman | Attachment
  2. Annual Status Report of Project Authority; UM-Missoula | Attachment
  3. Negative Fund Balance Update; MSU-Northern
  4. Research Support Facility (Vivarium); UM-Missoula
11:20 AM   CONSENT
  1. Memorandum of Understanding Between MSU & MSU Foundation; MSU-Bozeman  ITEM 143-2010-R0509    
  2. Memorandum of Understanding Between UM & UM Foundation; UM-Missoula  ITEM 143-1009-R0509
  3. Authorization to Expend Student Computer Fees; MT Tech  ITEM 143-1503-R0509
  4. Authorization to Expend Student Computer Technology Fees; UM-Helena COT  ITEM 143-1901-R0509
  5. Authorization to Accept the Donation of Real Property; UM-Helena COT  ITEM 143-1902-R0509 | Supporting Material #1 | Supporting Material #2 | Supporting Material #3
  6. Execute Easement/Right of Way Agreement at Kagy Boulevard & South 11th Ave with the City of Bozeman; MSU-Bozeman  ITEM 143-2008-0509
  7. Easement/Right of Way Between Hill County Electric Cooperative & Northern Ag Research Center, MT Agricultural Experiment Station; MSU-Bozeman 
    ITEM 143-2009-0509
  8. Approval of Participants: Rural Physician Incentive Program; Office of the Commissioner of Higher Education ITEM 143-104-R0509 | Supporting Material
11:30 AM   Public Comment
11:50 AM   ADJOURN on completion of business.