Montana State University-
Great Falls College of Technology
Heritage Hall

Friday, May 29, 2009
8:30 - 9:30 AM


8:30 AM  


  1. Collective bargaining update
  2. University Faculty Association (UFA) presentation
  3. Presidential executive search
9:00 AM  


Staff Items

  1. MT Tech of UM  ITEM 143-1500-R0509
  2. UM Western  ITEM 143-1600-R0509
  3. MSU-Billings  ITEM 143-2700-R0509
  4. MSU-Northern  ITEM 143-2800-R0509
  5. MSU-Great Falls COT  ITEM 143-2850-R0509
  6. Authority for Employee Equity Interest and/or Business Participation under Policy 407; (Roos & Reibel) MSU-Bozeman  ITEM 143-2006-R0509 | Supporting Material
  7. Authority for Employee Equity Interest and/or Business Participation under Policy 407; (Blake) MSU-Bozeman
    ITEM 143- 2007-R0509 | Supporting Material
  8. Professor Emeritus of Modern and Classical Languages and Literatures: Robert Acker; UM-Missoula ITEM 143-1001-R0509
  9. Professor Emeritus of Management and Marketing: MaryEllen Campbell; UM-Missoula ITEM 143-1002-R0509
  10. Professor Emeritus of Computer Science: Alden Wright; UM-Missoula  ITEM 143-1003-R0509
  11. Dean Emeritus: School of Journalism and Professor Emeritus: Journalism: Jerry Elijah Brown; UM-Missoula ITEM 143-1004- R0509
  12. Professor Emeritus of English: Michael Beehler; MSU-Bozeman ITEM 143-2001-R0509
  13. Professor Emeritus of Physics: Gerald F. Wheeler; MSU-Bozeman ITEM 143-2002-R0509
  14. Professor Emeritus of Nursing: Elizabeth G. Nichols; MSU-Bozeman  ITEM 143-2003-R0509
  15. Professor Emeritus of Architecture: Peter Kommers; MSU-Bozeman  ITEM 143-2004-R0509
  16. Professor Emeritus of English: Sharon Beehler; MSU-Bozeman   ITEM 143-2005-R0509
  17. Professor Emeritus of Mathematics: Joseph Howell; MSU-Billings ITEM 143-2710-R0509
9:25 AM   Public Comment
9:30 AM   ADJOURN on completion of business.