May 26, 2021

Committee Members: Regent Brianne Rogers, Chair; Regent Loren Bough; Regent Todd Buchanan; Regent Amy Sexton


  1. Request for Approval to Revise BOR Policy 1006 – “Security and Law Enforcement Operations”; OCHE/MUS ITEM 194-108-R0521  REMOVED - No Action will be Taken at this Meeting
  2. Request for Approval to Revise BOR Policy 301 – “Admission Requirements” and BOR Policy 301.1 – “Admission Requirements for Undergraduates into Four-year University Programs”; OCHE/MUS ITEM 194-110-R0521Attachment #1Attachment #2
  3. Request to Plan Proposals Executive Summary and OCHE AnalysisSupporting DocumentationNew Program Tracking


Academic Review Items:

  1. Academic Approval Memo

Strategic Priority Items:

  1. MUS Suicide Prevention & Mental Health Task Force Update
  2. Research and Graduate Education UpdateCampus Highlights Report


Adjourn upon completion of business