September 21-22, 2022

Committee Members:  Regent Todd Buchanan, Chair; Regent Loren Bough, Regent Casey Lozar, and Regent Norris Blossom


  1. Honorary Doctorate, UM    ITEM 202-1010-R0922| Attachment #1
  2. Request to Plan Proposals  Executive Summary and OCHE Analysis | Supporting Documentation | New Program Tracking


Strategic Priority Items:

  1. Research Update
  2. eLearning Update 
  3. Montana 10 Update

Policy Items:

  1. Proposed Revisions to Board Policies

Academic Review Items:

  1.  Academic Priorities and Planning  OCHE Executive Summary | Campus Priorities and Planning Statements |   Forthcoming Academic Proposal Report
  2.  Academic Approval Memo
  3.  Accreditation Report


  College Student Mental Health and Wellbeing in Montana: A Public Health Approach