March 15-16, 2023

Committee Members: Regent Todd Buchanan, Chair; Regent Loren Bough, Regent Casey Lozar, and Regent Norris Blossom


  1. Honorary Doctorate, UM ITEM 205-1014-R0323| Attachment 1 | Attachment 2
  2. Honorary Doctorate, UM ITEM 205-1015-R0323| Attachment 1 | Attachment 2
  3. Honorary Doctorate, MSU  ITEM 205-2007-R0323| Attachment 
  4. Honorary Doctorate, MSU  ITEM 205-2008-R0323| Attachment
  5. Request to Plan Proposals| Executive Summary and OCHE Analysis | Supporting Documentation University of Montana Academic Renewal 


Policy Items

      a. Proposed Revisions to Board Policy

Academic Review Items

  1. Academic Memo

Strategic Priority Items

       a. Research Update

       b. AIMA Update

       c. Open Educational Resources


Adjourn upon completion of business