Today, multiple LMS platforms are used across Montana's public universities. In most cases, MUS campuses have used the same platform for more than ten years. During this time, students and faculty have deepened their use of these learning tools. New solutions have also become available on the marketplace. 

Selecting a new and unified LMS should provide faculty and students a better tool for teaching and learning while lowering licensing and support costs for institutions in the long term. It will also create a more seamless environment for multi-campus academic collaborations and for the growing number of Montana students who participate in dual enrollment or transfer between our institutions.

The new Learning Management System will be selected with input from multiple campus stakeholder groups, including students, faculty, and key staff from across the university system.

In the first stage of the selection process, a steering committee with faculty, student, IT, and academic staff will guide a needs analysis and request for information process during Spring 2022. The needs analysis will engage LMS users across the system to better understand the ways our current LMS systems are used; to explore functionality and features a new LMS should have; and to give LMS users an opportunity to interact with and ask questions of vendors.

At the close of this process, the steering committee will help to develop a Request for Proposals, to be issued in Fall 2022.  We expect a final LMS vendor will be identified by the end of Spring term 2023.

There will be several opportunities for LMS users of all types to engage and provide feedback into the evaluation and selection process. In Spring 2022, we envision opportunities to attend vendor demonstrations and focus groups that will inform final Request for Proposals put out in Summer. Once RFP responses are receiived, campus stakeholders will again have opportunities to attend vendor demonstrations and provide feedback to the selection committee.

Please view our Communications page for the latest on opportunities to participate.

All Montana State University and University of Montana affiliated campuses will transition to the new LMS, with a target for transition to complete by Fall term 2025. Montana community college campuses may also be eligible to adopt the new LMS on an opt-in basis.

We expect campuses may start transitioning to the new LMS vendor as early as Summer 2023, with the transition complete by Fall term 2025. Campus implementation teams will determine the best timeline and transition plan over this two year span for their campus.

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Last Updated: January 18th, 2022