Date sent Subject Line or Title Description Link
  December 9, 2022 LMS Update + Needs Analysis Report Out Update on ongoing work to identify and transition to a single LMS. December 9 LMS Updates
  N/A RFI Responses Vendors do not have to supply a response to the RFP Request for Information (RFI) materials
  June 10, 2022 RFI Invitiations Invitiations sent out to vendors to respond to the RFI

Request for Information sessions invitation

  March 23 and March 28, 2022 Why Explore a Single Learning Management System Presentation to the implementation teams via webinar

Implementation Teams Webinar Presentation

  January 25, 2022 LMS Selection and Transitions Teams Chief Academic Officers Letter

Chief Academic Officers Letter

  December 20, 2021 Why Explore a Single Learning Management System Presenation to all MUS

LMS Timeline Presentation