Advisory Council

The MUS Teaching Scholars Advisory Council is comprised of a group of faculty, administrators, and faculty excellence and development staff from across the Montana Unviersity System. The Advisory Council provides guidance on coordinating the MUS Teaching Scholars work with ongoing faculty development efforts on campuses as well as on the design of the program including the annual theme, program activities, and the annual teaching and learning symposium. The Advisory Council's work is vital to the success of the program and for supporting system-wide recognition of teaching excellence. 

Advisory Council Members

Dean Adams, Director for the Center for Faculty Excellence, Montana State University

Susan Balter-Reitz, Professor of Communication and Theatre, MSU Billings

Amy Kinch, Director of Faculty Development Office, University of Montana

Anniliese Ripley, Dean of School of Outreach/Director of Research and Grants, UM Western

Durward Sobek, Interim Vice Provost, Montana State University

Kelly Webster, Chief of Staff, University of Montana

Advisory Council Make-up & Terms of Service

Advisory Committee Member make-up shall include a President's designee from UM and MSU campuses, a representative from a Two-Year School, Alumni from a previous cohort of scholars, a faculty member, and/or Head of a Faculty Excellence Center. The number of advisory committee members shall not exceed eight (8) individuals. Terms of service include a three (3) full years to ensure council members are engaged through an entire cohort cycle.