One-Two-Free is the Montana University System's dual enrollment program that offers students two college courses, or up to six credits, for free through participating campuses. The courses may be on campus, online, or in your high school. Learn more about One-Two-Free on our About page

Signing up for dual enrollment requires you to get approval from a counselor or other education official, complete a dual enrollment college application, and register for courses. There are not any additional requirements for One-Two-Free. Campus dual enrollment coordinators will help determine your eligibility. Get started today!

City College, Gallatin College, Great Falls College, Helena College, Highlands College, Missoula College, MSU Northern, and UM Western. Community colleges and tribal colleges are not part of One-Two-Free at this time but do offer similar free or reduced dual enrollment tuition programs. Contact a campus dual enrollment coordinator for more information.

The first two courses, or up to six credits, through One-Two-Free are tuition-free, and the MUS waives fees for dual enrollment students. Each additional dual enrollment course requires you to pay the dual enrollment tuition rate of 50% resident two-year tuition. Community colleges and tribal colleges are not part of One-Two-Freeat this time but do offer similar free or reduced dual enrollment tuition programs. You may need to pay course fees for particular courses. 

Dual enrollment programs in the MUS do not cover the cost of textbooks or fees for particular courses (such as labs, etc.). Generally, these costs depend on what class you take and whether you take it online, on-campus, or in your high school.

Not necessarily. You or your high school will need to submit a written request for an exception to age eligibility requirement. Contact college dual enrollment program staff for information about their campus process and timeline.

Some colleges have a limit, so check with the specific college to learn more. Some high schools also limit the number of dual enrollment courses you can apply towards graduation. Check with your high school to find out if this applies to you.

One-Two-Free offers students who demonstrate hardship the opportunity to apply for a scholarship to cover tuition for additional dual enrollment courses. Contact a dual enrollment coordinator at a campus that is part of One-Two-Free for more information on how to apply.

Yes. It is your responsibility to contact the dual enrollment coordinator at the college where you are taking the course about dropping or withdrawing from the course. It is important to submit the proper paperwork prior to the listed deadline to avoid a poor or failing grade being posted to your transcript.

No. Withdrawn or dropped courses are excluded from GPA calculation. Please note that dropping or withdrawing from a dual enrollment course must be done by the college’s posted deadlines.

Dual enrollment courses taken in the MUS should transfer to any other MUS institution. Most dual enrollment courses taken in the MUS transfer to other institutions. Contact the college where you earned credit and your intended transfer institution to verify.

Yes. Dual enrollment courses are part of your official academic record. It is important to understand that failing grades or withdrawals on an official transcript may compromise your ability to receive financial aid, eligibility for athletics, or admission to some institutions and degree programs.

No, dual credit students do not qualify for Financial Aid. You should be aware that poor or failing grades as a dual credit student can adversely affect your ability to qualify for financial assistance.

Each campus has a dual enrollment team eager to help. Still have questions? Contact the Montana University System Dual Enrollment Program Manager.