Student Counts

Dual Enrollment Student Counts

More Students Taking Dual Enrollment

Dual Enrollment in the MUS grew by 25% from 2017-18 to 2018-19, the first year of One-Two-Free.


Concurrent Enrollment Class B & C schools

More Access for Rural Students

Over the past five years, dual enrollment opportunities offered in Montana's small  high schools increased significantly, with 57 Class B & C high schools offering concurrent enrollment in 2018-19 compared to 21 in 2014-15.



Dual Enrollment Matriculation

More Students in Montana Colleges

The number of students that take dual enrollment in the MUS and go onto a MUS school increases each year. About 60% of dual enrollment students attend a college in the MUS.



Dual Enrollment GPAs

Dual Enrollment Students Earn Higher GPAs

Students in the MUS that took dual enrollment earn about three-tenths higher GPAs compared to all MUS students.


Retention Rates

Dual Enrollment Retention Rates

Dual Enrollment Students Stay in School at Higher Rates

Students in the MUS that took dual enrollment continue in college the next year at about a 10-15% higher rate than all MUS students.


Graduation Rates

Dual Enrollment Graduation Rates

Dual Enrollment Students Graduate at Higher Rates

Students in the MUS that took dual enrollment graduate from MUS colleges at about a 10% higher rate compared to all MUS students.


Dual Enrollment Cost

Median: $0/credit

Average: $11/credit  

Dual Enrollment Savings

95% Savings

Compared to the average four-year resident tuition rate


One-Two-Free logoMedian and average cost data for dual enrollment students includes One-Two-Free, the dual enrollment tuition rate of 50% two-year resident tuition, and campus free and reduced tuition dual enrollment programs for the 2018-19 academic year.