Dual Enrollment

Save Time

Take the courses you'll need in college, while in high school and...
  • Explore your options!
  • Take your credit with you!
  • Finish your degree on time!
  • More info...

Save Money

Dual enrollment = college courses at a huge discount!

  • Start for free:
    Get a free early start on college, your first two courses are on us, up to six credits! Whether they are offered at your high school, on-campus, or on-line we’ll waive the tuition and fees.*
  • Keep it going: Want to take more than two courses? Great! We’ll continue to waive your fees* and give you the affordable two-year college tuition rate.
  • Don’t let cost stop you: Don’t let cost be your barrier! If you are in need of financial assistance in order to take more dual enrollment courses, you can apply to continue to have your dual enrollment costs waived.**

Ease into College

Get a preview of what it takes to be successful
  • Dual enrollment courses are college courses. You’ll gain first-hand experience of the academic and time-management expectations for college success.
  • Get an introduction to college life while you maintain the comfort and support you have at home.
  • Take one class at a time, or several, to prove your readiness for a full schedule in college.

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