Campus Work Comp Claim & Work Recovery Coordinators

Designated campus contact who assist employees and supervisors with filling return-to-work opportunities

MSU Bozeman
Brenda Baker, 406-994-6888
Laurie McGuire, 406-994-6889
* Website

MSU Billings

Dennis Bohlman, 406-657-2221
Paula Highlander, 406-657-2117
* Website

MSU Northern

Amy Skryja, 406-264-3789
* Website

Great Falls College MSU

Carmen Roberts, 406-771-4392 
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Leah Tietz, 406-449-9156
* Website

UM Missoula
Michele Wheeler, 406-243-2842
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Helena College UM

Mary Twardos, 406-447-6925 
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MT Tech UM

Cathy Isakson, 406-496-4380
* Website

UM Western

Kelly Graham, 406-683-7031
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First Report of Injury (FROI)


MUS Workers' Compensation Management Committee

The Work Comp Committee, responsible for policy and management decisions, is comprised of 9 voting members, each appointed by the Commissioner of Higher Education.




Michele Wheeler Workers' Compensation & ADA Accommodation Coordinator, UM (CHAIR) 406-243-2842
Marissa Morgan Director Environmental Health & Safety, MT Tech             406-496-4463
Shauna Lyons MUS Director of Budget & Planning 406-449-9126
Kelly Graham Associate Director Human Resources, UM Western 406-683-7900
Carmen Roberts Director of Operations, Great Falls College 406-771-4392
Rebecca Farr Director Human Resources, MSU Northern 406-265-3568
Kelley Turner Operations Director, Helena College 406-447-6925 
Paula Highlander Director of HR, MSU Billings 406-657-2117
Megan Lasso Chief Budget Officer, MSU 406-994-4391
Ex-Officio Members
Ryan Brickman Director Safety Risk Management, MSU 406-994-4146
Jason Sloat Risk Manager, UM 406-243-2700
Program Director
Tietz, Leah MUS / Director, Workers’ Compensation 406-449-9156