Application Process

The MRPIP application is a joint application submitted by an interested physician and a supporting facility (hospital or clinic) located in the community where the physician is practicing or is considering practice. The application form contains sections for both the physician and supporting facility to complete. A separate loan information/verification form must be completed for each educational loan being submitted for repayment consideration. Only bona fide legally enforceable commercial, state, government, or private education loans made for the purpose of the borrower’s medical education qualify for loan repayment; personal loans do not qualify. Eligible education debt may include undergraduate education, but cannot include debt incurred during residency or professional training.

The following application materials are required for program consideration:

  • MRPIP Application
  • Loan Information/Verification Forms with Corresponding Loan Documents
  • Curriculum Vitae or Résumé
  • Additional documentation from supporting facility identifying the need for assistance with physician recruitment/ retention. (See application instructions for details.)

Application Deadline - July 24, 2020