November 15-16, 2007

Montana State University – Bozeman
Ballroom A, Strand Union Building

Thursday, November 15, 2007


1:00 PM         CONVENE – Ballroom A Strand Union Building.

1:05 PM         Roll Call, Approval of Minutes, and Introductions.
                           September 19-21, 2007 Meeting Minutes
                           October 16, 2007 Conference Call Meeting Minutes

1:10 PM         Welcome and Comments by host President Gamble.

      1. Introduction of Kirk Miller, Superintendent of Bozeman Public Schools, Montana Board of Public Education member.


1:20 PM


Policy 301.5.5, Approval of Policy to Identify Equivalent Courses.
ITEM 137-107-R1107 | ITEM 137-107-R1107 Supporting Material


  1. SB 16 update (6 mill levy) – Commissioner Stearns.
    Legislative Referendum | Memo

  2. Campus Reports.
    • Voluntary System of Accountability College Portrait

  3. Fall 2007 Enrollment Update - Tyler Trevor, OCHE.
    FTE | Headcount

  4. Meeting Schedule and locations for 2008 / 2009.


  1. Appointments to the Fire Services Training Advisory Council. 
    ITEM 137-2002-R1107| ITEM 137-2002-R1107 Supporting Material

  2. Appointments to Local Executive Boards. ITEM 137-111-R1107 | Item 137-111-R1107 Supporting Material


  1. Student Loan Task Force report - Regent Barrett.

  2. Summary of Listening Sessions - Commissioner Stearns and Mick Robinson.

  3. Collaboration with K-12, and Kindergarten to College update – Steve Meloy, Linda McCulloch, Kirk Miller, Jan Lombardi, Sheila Stearns, and Regent Pease, Moderator.

  4. Employee Recruitment and Retention followup - PEPB(Post-secondary Education Policy and Budget Committee).

5:00 PM         RECESS.

Friday, November 16, 2007

8:30 AM         Committee Reports and Action.

  1. Academic and Student Affairs.

  2. Workforce, Research, and Economic Development.  (Committee of the Whole)

  3. Staff and Compensation.  (Committee of the Whole)

  4. Administrative, Budget, and Audit Oversight.

11:30 AM       Student Reports.

1:00 PM         RECONVENE.

   University Trust Lands Report - Tom Schultz,
   Department of Natural Resources and Conservation.

                        Public Comment.

                        Executive Session (if needed).

2:30 PM         ADJOURN or on completion of business.

3:00 PM         Tour of new Chemistry Building for all attendees.