The University of Montana Western
Great Room, Swysgood Technology Center

Wednesday, March 5, 2008
1:00 – 4:30 PM


1:00 PM         Roll Call and Review of Minutes

1:10 PM         ACTION

  1. Exception to Policy 301.12, Radiologic Technology programs at four institutions.  ITEM 138-103-R0308 | Supporting Material ITEM 138-103-R0308

  2. Exception to Policy 301.12, Respiratory Therapy programs at two institutions.  ITEM 138-104-R0308 | Supporting Material ITEM 138-104-R0308

           Level II Items

  1. Revision of program offerings in Department of Health and Human Development, MSU-Bozeman. 
    ITEM 138-2004-R0108 | Supporting Material ITEM 138-2004-R0108

  2. Energy Research Institute, MSU-Bozeman.
    ITEM 136-2002-R0907 | Supporting Material ITEM 136-2002-R0907

  3. Associate of Applied Science degree in Construction Technology-Carpentry, MSU-Billings College of Technology.  
    ITEM 138-2703-R0108 | Supporting Material ITEM 138-2703-R0108

  4. Certificate of Applied Science in Medical Coding and Insurance Billing, MSU-Billings College of Technology. 
    ITEM 138-2704-R0108 | Supporting Material ITEM 138-2704-R0108

  5. Bachelor of Science degree in Geosciences, with two programs of study in Earth History, Evolution and Resources; and Water, Climate and Environment, UM-Missoula.  ITEM 138-1001-R0108| Supporting Material ITEM 138-1001-R0108

  6. Bachelor of Science dual degree in International Field Geosciences in collaboration with University College Cork in Ireland and Potsdam University in Germany, UM-Missoula.  ITEM 138-1002-R0108 | Supporting Material ITEM 138-1002-R0108

  7. Bachelor of Science degree in Interdisciplinary Geosciences, UM- Missoula.  ITEM 138-1003-R0108| Supporting Material ITEM 138-1003-R0108

  8. Creation of a new Department of Communicative Sciences and Disorders, UM-Missoula. ITEM 138-1004-R0108 | Supporting Material ITEM 138-1004-R0108

  9. Conversion of the following Certificates to Certificates of Applied Science: Building Maintenance, Carpentry, Computer System Technician, Culinary Arts, Customer Relations, Heavy Equipment Operation, Medical Reception, Pharmacy Technology, Recreational Power Equipment, Sales and Marketing, and Welding Technology, UM-Missoula College of Technology. 
    ITEM 138-1005-R0108
    | Supporting Material ITEM 138-1005-R0108

  10. Creation of a new Electrical Engineering Department, MT Tech of UM.
    ITEM 138-1501-R0108 | Supporting MaterialITEM 138-1501-R0108

  11. Associate of Applied Science degree in Equine Studies, Miles CC.
    ITEM 138-401-R0108 | Supporting Material ITEM 138-401-R0108

  12. Associate of Applied Science degree in Power Plant Technology,
    MSU-Billings COT.
    ITEM 136-2705-R0907 | Supporting Material ITEM 136-2705-R0907


2:45 PM         INFORMATION

  1. Diversity Report, Montana University System.  Brad Eldredge, OCHE

  2. Update on model nursing curriculum.  Roger Barber, OCHE

  3. Update on two-year and certificate programs and possible moratoriums. Roger Barber, OCHE

  4. Discussion of campus recruiting strategies. Jed Liston, UM-Missoula; and Stacy Klippenstein, MSU-Billings

  5. Grateful Nation.  President Dennison, UM-Missoula

  6. Indian Education for All student projects at UM-Missoula teacher education program.  Roberta Evans, UM-Missoula

  7. Proposal to award graduate degrees, retroactively, to architecture students.  MSU-Bozeman

  8. NASH Access to Success update.  Commissioner Stearns


4:00 PM         CONSENT

  1. Level I Memorandum

  2. Addition of International Baccalaureate score to Policy 301.16, Writing Proficiency  ITEM 138-105-R0308| Supporting Material ITEM 138-105-R0308


4:15 PM         PUBLIC COMMENT.

4:30 PM         ADJOURN on completion of business.