University of Montana Western
Swysgood Technology Center Great Room

Thursday, March 6, 2008

4:30 PM       Convene.


Staff Items

  1. OCHE.  ITEM 138-100-R0308

  2. MSU-Bozeman.  ITEM 138-2000-R0308

  3. MSU-Billings. ITEM 138-2700-R0308

  4. MSU-Northern.  ITEM 138-2800-R0308

  5. Professor Emeritus of Pharmaceutical Sciences: Todd G. Cochran; UM-Missoula.  ITEM 138-1005-R0308

  6. Professor Emeritus of Physics: George Tuthill; MSU-Bozeman. 
    ITEM 138-2001-R0308

  7. Professor Emeritus of Music: Gary Behm; MSU-Billings.  ITEM 138-2701-R0308

  8. Professor Emeritus of Business: Thomas D. Hinthorne; MSU-Billings. 
    ITEM 138-2702-R0308

  9. Professor Emeritus of General Education: Susan G. Baack; MSU-Billings.
    ITEM 138-2703-R0308

  10. Administrator Emeritus: Curt Kochner; MSU-Billings.
    ITEM 138-2704-R0308

  11. Professor Emeritus of Geology: Thomas Zwick; MSU-Billings. 
    ITEM 138-2705-R0308

  12. Professor Emeritus of Special Education: Linda Christensen; MSU-Billings.
    ITEM 138-2706-R0308


Labor Agreements / Other

  1. Teamsters – UM Motor Pool. 
    ITEM 138-109-R0308 | Supporting Material ITEM 138-109-R0308

5:25 PM         PUBLIC COMMENT.

5:30 PM         ADJOURN on completion of business.