The You Matter MUS campaign is an initiative to raise awareness about student mental health and to promote resources available to all MUS students and employees to address mental health and wellness needs.

You Matter MUS plays an important role in building cultures of care to support positive mental health and wellbeing across our university system. You Matter MUS resources are intended to provide common supports and tools to all every campus community member in the MUS. The three tools that are part of this initiative are a set of curated resources meant to address three central areas of need for college student mental health: education, access to clinical services, and suicide prevention. These supports include You@College--a mental health and wellness app, Thriving Campus--an online referral platform, and Kognito--a virtual mental health literacy and suicide prevention training. 

You Matter MUS was born out of work from the MUS Suicide Prevention & Mental Health Task Force aimed at addressing and responding to increased mental health needs during the COVID-19 pandemic. During this time, MUS institutions saw that students with mental health needs were both more challenging to identify and were also more difficult to reach due to the remote and altered environments necessitated by the pandemic. In response to these challenges, the Office of the Commissioner collaborated with the MUS Suicide Prevention and Mental Health Task Force to provide supports to students and employees that are available remotely. Though this campaign originated as a response to support campuses and students during a time of acute mental health need, these services continue to be available to support the mental health needs of every single student and employee in the Montana University System.

To get involved and help raise awareness, follow this effort with #YouMatterMUS