TASKFORCE GOAL:  Develop a performance funding framework for allocating half of the present law adjustment (roughly $7.5M of the $15M in present law) in FY 15. 

EXPECTATIONS: The initial model designed for FY15 will help facilitate the University System’s completion agenda through the measurement of performance in one or two metrics aimed at driving improvement in college completion. The model will also contain an allocation methodology for distributing the $7.5M in performance funds to campuses that demonstrate progress. 

TIMELINE: The Taskforce will make a recommendation for the Board of Regents to consider at the May 23, 2013 BOR meeting in Great Falls.


Regents:     Joseph Thiel, Jeffrey Krauss
UM:       Perry Brown, Dawn Ressel, Liz Putnam
MSU:   Terry Leist, Chris Fastnow, Robert Mokwa
4-year:   Susan Briggs
2-year:       Susan Wolff
Student:      Seamus Manley
OCHE:      Tyler Trevor, Mick Robinson, Neil Moisey, John Cech

Contact Tyler Trevor, Deputy Commissioner for Planning & Analysis, for more information.

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