Montana Board of Regents of Higher Education


Regular Meeting
September 27-28, 2001

1500 North 30th Street
Billings, MT 59101-0252

These minutes were approved unanimously as amended at the November 16-17, 2001 meeting of the Board in Bozeman, MT.





The Executive Session began at 7:30 and concluded at 8:30 a.m.

The Work Session convened at 8:40 a.m. and adjourned at 11:00 a.m. for separate Committee Meetings.

The Committees Convened at 11:05 a.m. and adjourned at 12:30.


The Full Board Convened at 1:30 p.m. - Roll Call indicated a Quorum Present  

Regents Present: Ed Jasmin Vice-Chairman, Lynn Morrison-Hamilton, Christian Hur, John Mercer, Richard Roehm, Mark Semmens, Margie Thompson Chairwoman, Ex-Officio Linda McCulloch, Superintendent of Public Instruction and Ex-Officio Richard Crofts, Commissioner.

Regents Absent:  Ex-Officio, Governor Judy Martz,


    Regent Jasmin MOVED for APPROVAL of the Minutes of the July 12-13, 2001 Regular Meeting as circulated. 

       The Minutes were APPROVED unanimously.


   Regent Jasmin MOVED to increase the Presidential salaries by 4% to $138,448 and the Commissioner's salary by 4% to $138,948. 

   Motion was APPROVED unanimously.

 Staff Items:


ITEM 112-100-R0901 - Staff; Office of the Commissioner of Higher Education  AS AMENDED

b. ITEM 112-1000-R0901 - Staff; The University of Montana Missoula  AS AMENDED
c. ITEM 112-1001-R0901 - Professor Emeritus Status for William Elison, Professor of Library Science and Social Sciences Librarian, Maureen and Mike Mansfield Library; The University of Montana-Missoula
d. ITEM 112-1006-R0901 -  Professor Emeritus Status for Robert Pfister, Professor, School of Forestry; The University of Montana-Missoula
e. ITEM 112-1500-R0901 - Staff; Montana Tech of The University of Montana
f. ITEM 112-1500A-R0901 -Staff; Montana Bureau of Mines and Geology
g. ITEM 112-1502-R0901 - Professor Emeritus Status for Judith R. Brogan, Professor; Montana Tech of The University of Montana
h ITEM 112-1600-R0901 - Staff; Western Montana College of The University of Montana
i. ITEM 112-1900-R0901 - Staff; Helena College of Technology of the University of Montana
j. ITEM 112-2000-R0901 - Staff; Montana State University-Bozeman  AS AMENDED
k. ITEM 112-2300-R0901 - Staff; Agricultural Experiment Station
l. ITEM 112-2400-R0901 - Staff; Cooperative Extension Service
m. ITEM 112-2700-R0901 - Staff; Montana State University-Billings
n. ITEM 112-2800-R0901 - Staff; Montana State University-Northern

ITEM 112-2850-R0901 - Staff; Montana State University, Great Falls College of Technology



ITEM 112-102-R0901 - Confirmation of Governor Martz's Appointments to Local Executive Board for Montana State University-Great Falls College of Technology


ITEM 112-103-R0901 - Confirmation of Governor Martz's Appointments to Local Executive Board for Helena College of Technology of The University of Montana
c. ITEM 112-104-R0901 - Approval of Tentative Agreement with Montana Public Employees Association; Office of the Commissioner of Higher Education  MEMO  ATTACHMENT
d. ITEM 112-105-R0901 - Approval of Tentative Agreement with Butte Teamsters Local 2; Office of the Commissioner of Higher Education   MEMO   ATTACHMENT
e. ITEM 112-106-R0901 - Approval of Tentative Agreement with Helena Teachers Union;  Office of the Commissioner of Higher Education  MEMO   ATTACHMENT
f. ITEM 112-107-R0901 - Approval of Tentative Agreement with The University of Montana-Western Faculty Association; Office of the Commissioner of Higher Education   MEMO   ATTACHMENT
g. ITEM 112-109-R0901 - Approval of Tentative Agreement with Montana District Council of Laborers; Office of Commissioner of Higher Education  MEMO   ATTACHMENT
h. ITEM 112-115-R0901- Approval of Tentative Agreement with University Faculty Association of  The University of  Montana-Missoula; Office of the Commissioner of Higher Education  Memo   ATTACHMENT

ITEM 112-2003-R0901 - Appointment of Gary Mahugh, William Perrin, Tony Cate, and Mike McCloskey to the Fire Services Training Advisory Council; Montana State University-Bozeman

        Regent Jasmin MOVED to APPROVE all items on the Consent Agenda

         Motion APPROVED unanimously.


Shawn Isakson -  President ASMT

Mr. Isakson reported that Montana Tech is off to a good start this fall.  Enrollment is about the same as last year, and they are expecting final numbers this evening.  The number of female students continues to increase and they are now at about 1 to 1 with male students.  Overall, admissions are up with the south campus showing an increase of 40 people.  However the north campus is down 32 people.  Transfers and non-traditional numbers are up, but graduate and first year freshman numbers are down.  Prospectors will be visiting local schools to get students ready for Tech programs.  He noted that the Career Services department has done an outstanding job ensuring placement of graduates.

A Career Fair was held on Tuesday.  It was scheduled for September 13, however no planes were flying so it was rescheduled.  Sixty-six companies were scheduled to attend, but due to the tragedy only 40 companies participated.  Over 600 students attended.  Allowing for 15 minute interviews, ten interview rooms were used all day yesterday and 8 rooms all day today. 

Students showed a lot of interest in the campus clubs during Club Rush.  Last Friday 67 representatives from the campus clubs had dinner together to become better acquainted with each other and to plan to work together. A collaborative effort saw each of the clubs donate $200 to the Red Cross and they sponsored a dance with a $50 charge to attend with a portion of the proceeds going to the Red Cross.  It was so successful they raised over $3600 in one night, and decided to buy a large flag pole for the campus rather than several small flags as originally planned.

Andy Parker- President, MAS

Mr. Parker indicated there was great participation at the MAS meeting.  They are in the preliminary stages of planning their legislative action agenda.   They discussed the students' involvement in the Crisis Response on September 11.  They plan to have courses of action for each of the Associated Student organizations for future reference.  

At the November meeting they will be discussing the possibility of conference call meetings rather than regular monthly gatherings.  They will also be planning for the MAS retreat and are looking at suggestions to improve MAS.

Andy Parker- President of ASMSU

Mr. Parker referred to the question at lunch time regarding the responsibilities of the Student Regent.  He believes it is important that students have a member on the Board who is responsible for the students.  They want to be sure they are going to be represented.  He took his position in student government so that the students would have a leader who was responsible for them.  He told them he supported the 13% increase in tuition, and he indicated he and the students also want that representation at the Board of Regents level.

He is starting a column from the President in the campus paper to increase visibility of student government.  They are also using a suggestion box for student input.

It is time to celebrate Midnight Madness which is the first time the basketball team is permitted to practice.  It is also homecoming week and there will be a free food court, horizontal bungee jumping and a dunking booth.  The basketball court has a brand new floor.

Students are concerned about the library renovation which has cost them an area for quiet study during the construction.  After discussion with President Gamble each floor was assigned a designated study area with varying degrees of silence for each one.

Next month is the Presidential Inauguration for Montana State University and there will be a presidential reception with the students.  A banner has been set up for all the students to sign and it will be presented to President Gamble.

Tomorrow they will be holding their Career Fair, with 160 organizations participating.  A $500 scholarship will be awarded as a door prize as an incentive to get good student turnout.  This year they have had to expand the area of the Career Fair from the ballroom out into the hallways because of the increased number of organizations.

Students were involved in the crisis management team efforts on September 11.  They had different security measures imposed for students from the Middle East with officers in civilian clothing escorting them around for their safety.  They indicated they did not feel threatened.  Students set up a booth selling purple courage ribbons.  They raised over $5000, and the blood drive held on Monday was so successful that the Red Cross ran out of blood bags and had to leave.

Students have been well represented in the many committees on campus, as well as university planning and budget, and the mission and vision statement.

Jennifer Gerondale - President ASMSU-B

Ms. Gerondale indicated that Student Senate elections were held on September 19 and 20.  There are six vacant seats which have been reserved for Native American students.  They will be having their first retreat and meeting in Gardiner, MT.

With the success and high use of the new game room, Student Senate is looking at expanding it.  They are also trying to work out a possible deal with MET transit bus service to provide free rides to MSU-B students with student ID.  They are also planning a parade and other events for the 75th Anniversary Celebration with the parade taking place on October 15th, starting downtown and finishing at McMullen Hall.

Students are very happy with the renovations in the Liberal Arts building which includes the installation of a sprinkler system, and an elevator that doesn't get stuck between floors.

The Faculty - Employer Connection program was a success, with Student Senate chauffeuring 40 faculty members around to many businesses in the area.  Better relationships were built with these businesses, and information was gathered about the jobs available in the community.

There were several events for the September 11 catastrophe.  Candle light vigils and a bell ringing ceremony were held, students sold ribbons, and there will be a concert to raise more funds for the victims.  Next week they will have a blood drive.  About 50 students held a banner with the Pledge of Allegiance over the Rims and held up traffic for about an hour, as well as selling T-shirts showing support and unity.

Christopher Peterson - President ASUM

Mr. Peterson stated that he is proud to be a UM student, not because they won the championship or because they commit time to volunteerism.  Rather, on the National Day of Mourning 3000 people were in the Oval and it was the most powerful experience he has ever had.  It helped him and the students to understand that everyone can come together in times of such tragedy and horror.  He thanked President Dennison for making the ceremony possible.

They are organizing a Faculty Forum on Terrorism.  There are experts on campus that can address these issues.  They will be organizing a blood drive, and they put up a graffiti board in the University Center for students to express their feelings at this time.  There are counseling tables set up, and the hate crime response team in involved as well.

Mr. Peterson indicated he was able to go to Israel for a conference on the situation in the Middle East.  The American Jewish Community paid for the trip to Israel and President Dennison provided the transportation to New York City.  There was an orientation in New York before leaving for Israel.  He indicated that what is happening in the Middle East is amazing.  He had many questions before the seminar and even more afterwards.  The situation is very complicated and no one is right.  He learned that those in this country really don't understand what is happening over there.

They are working on Get Out The Vote.  The homeowners in Missoula have problems with students living in their neighborhoods.  Students have opened a dialogue with them, and have also made it clear that they are registered voters too.

Enrollment is up which oftentimes makes it difficult to get into classes, and causes overcrowding in classrooms.

The new shuttle bus has been approved.   It will have 21 seats and handrails for standing passengers.  They will be adopting the name suggested by Regent Semmens.  Mr. Peterson is very proud the students are doing this since it uses alternative fuels.

April Keith -  President MSU-Great Falls CoT

Ms. Keith said it has already been a busy year with a lot of changes in Student Senate.  They are making an effort to reach students to identify their needs.  Graduation has been changed to once a year and there has been a positive response so far.

She noted that it has become difficult for the Student Senate to reach a quorum for their meetings.  She and VP Neil DuBois have been working on incentives to keep Senators involved, such as changing the back of the student office to a lounge for Senators.  They have a keyless entry to the student office, and have installed a refrigerator with pop as well as providing popcorn, breakfast bars and free paper for copying, and pens and pencils.  The Senators have been thrilled with these incentives.  Most of the Senators are non-traditional students with children, and it became necessary to change the time of the meeting due to day care conflicts.  An Education major will hold a story hour for those children during the meeting.

Next week they will be selling Red Cross shirts with all the proceeds going to the Red Cross.

This year's Halloween party will include a carnival in addition to the haunted house, and it is open to the entire community.  The party is also used as an opportunity for a food drive.  Student leadership has met with Dean Moe regarding establishing a Student Resolution Committee, and that should be in place by next year.

David Morris, President ASMCC

Mr. Morris indicated that their new President, Dr. Hammond has implemented a 10 year beautification plan for the campus, and the students are very excited about it.  Students want to be involved in the project, and by the end of the year, there should be new gardens around campus.

There has been an increase in student FTE but a drop in non-traditional students.  There is an attempt by Student Senate to start a day care service for students.  They have a small budget of $20,000, but they had a tailgate party for the rodeo and will have another for the baseball team this Saturday.

There was a Playfair event on campus which was intended to get people to intermingle.  However, a large number of  students are from Miles and they already know each other, so the turnout of that group was small.  All the teams were required to attend, but they also know each other and tended to stay in their own groups.

Next month they plan to have an event for students to dress up like their favorite singers and to make music videos.

Campus administration and the Student Senate advisor have been recruiting over the past couple weeks in the local area schools.

Jeremy Hoscherd, Vice President ASUM-W

Mr. Hoscherd reported that enrollment is down a bit, but not as badly as was originally thought.  Residence hall occupancy is way down, especially for returning students.  There was a business fair during the first week of school which was also "Welcome Week," along with a barbecue, and the radio station KDWG had its annual Weinerfest and the Student Senate held an Animal House dance with a Toga theme.

September 30 through October 6 is homecoming with a theme of Return to the  80's.  Student elections will be held on Wednesday of that week.

They are also selling ribbons at $1.00 each for the Red Cross effort.  Student Senate will match the total raised.  A Foosball table was added to the game room last week, with a very positive response from students.  Student activities and intramurals are now in full swing.  Wednesday evenings are movie nights, and there are also 3 man football games.

The library is being remodeled and is coming along well, and the Rural Technology Center is also coming along nicely.  During the summer, Main Hall was renovated as was the IT building.

Dan Geelan - President ASMSU-N 

Mr. Geelan reported that the Commissioner's visit this month was appreciated by the campus.  There is a contingent of five students who will be attending the leadership conference sponsored by Campus Compact in Missoula.  The retreat will run from Friday through Sunday.

Classes began September 5 and enrollment is up.   Members of Student Senate were able to meet with the new Vice Chancellor for Finance and Student Services, Chuck Jensen and believe he has some great ideas.

The final design of the school flag has received initial approval.  It is hoped it will be ready for homecoming.  He also noted the campus radio station was broadcasting the first week of school, with both campus and community participation.

Strategic Planning is going well, with many great ideas coming from the Initiative teams.  Campus also held a memorial service on Friday, September 14th  which included members of the Havre Police and Fire Departments, Montana National Guard, students, faculty and the community at large.


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Commissioner Crofts reported that following the September 11 terrorist attack on New York, the campuses showed a wonderful collaborative effort to assist students and employees in a variety of ways.

The Commissioner noted that the enrollment figures are taken on the 15th day of the semester and that this date varies by campus.  Most campuses have their data in now.  The reports will be compiled from the data warehouse which is now functioning.  The reports for the federal government will be compiled from the same source.  He indicated that on September 11, it was actually possible to determine how many students within the Montana University System were from the Middle East and other parts of the world.

A tentative enrollment report will be provided next week with the focus on 1) how the students stand compared to last year, and 2) how enrollments are compared to the targeted numbers.  The report will not be made public until it is finalized.

Associate Commissioner for Fiscal Affairs, Rod Sundsted is working with Regent Jasmin on the dashboard reports and some will be ready for regular distribution soon.  They also are being generated from the data warehouse.

The Board of Public Education and the Board of Regents instituted changes with American Indian Education.  One aspect was to urge all campuses to observe American Indian Heritage Day, which falls on the fourth Friday of September each year.  Most campuses now have events and many are expanding their offering of cultural events for the occasion.  The ceremonies and events began on the Billings campus earlier today, around noon, and tomorrow the Regents will take a brief recess to participate in an activity.

Some members of the Board and individuals from the Commissioner's office attended the EDAG meeting on Monday.  The consultant made a strong point that the number one desire of business is for students with the skills they need.  EDAG adopted the following strategies:  1) to act as liaison in collaboration between education, businesses, communities and industries; 2) to act as a clearing house for information on training that is available and the mechanisms to get people in touch with one another; 3) to commit to be advocates for investment by the state in education.  The Commissioner indicated that better communication with the business community regarding economic development leading them to advocate for the Montana University System would be one of the most significant things that could happen.



  • President George Dennison, UM-Missoula Campus Report 
  • Stephen T. Hulbert, Chancellor, Western Montana College of The University of Montana Campus Report
  • W. Franklin Gilmore, Chancellor, Montana Tech of The University of Montana Campus Report
  • Rick Gray, Interim Dean/CEO of Helena College of Technology Campus Report  
  • President Geoff Gamble, MSU-Bozeman Campus Report
  • Dr. Ronald P. Sexton, Chancellor, Montana State University-Billings Campus Report
  • Alex Capdeville, Chancellor, Montana State University-Northern Campus Report
  • Mary Sheehy Moe, Interim Dean, Montana State University - Great Falls College of Technology Campus Report
  • Terry Hetrick, President of Dawson Community College Campus Report
  • Dr. Jane Karas, Vice President/Dean of Instruction Flathead Valley Community College Campus Report
  • Darrell L. Hammon, President, Miles Community College Campus Report



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Level 1 Memo


  a. ITEM 112-1604-R0901 - Approval of Proposal to Reorganize the Academic Affairs Division into a School of Education, Business, and Technology; a College of Arts and Sciences; and a School of Outreach; The University of Montana-Western  Attachment
  b. ITEM 112-2004-R0901- Authorization to Create athe Undergraduate Non-teaching Minor in Management of Information Technology; Montana State University-Bozeman  Attachment
  c. ITEM 112-2009-R0901- Authorization to Establish a Post-Master's Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) Certificate Program; Montana State University-Bozeman  ATTACHMENT
  d. ITEM 112-2013-R0901- Authorization to Establish a Center for Research on Chronic Health Conditions in Rural Dwellers; Montana State University-Bozeman  ATTACHMENT

      Regent Roehm MOVED for  APPROVAL to move all items of the SUBMISSION CONSENT AGENDA to the ACTION AGENDA of the November 15-16, 2001 meeting.

      Motion APPROVED unanimously.

  a. ITEM 112-1501-R0901- Approval of Proposal to Establish an Associate of Applied Science Degree and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Health Care Informatics; Montana Tech of The University of Montana  ATTACHMENT
  b. ITEM 112-1601-R0901 - Approval of Proposal to Convert the Bachelor of Arts Option in Business and Communications to a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business with Three Options in Computer Technology, Business Administration, and Tourism; The University of Montana-WesternATTACHMENT
  c. ITEM 112-1602-R0901- Approval of Proposal to Add an Option in Preprofessional Health Sciences to the Bachelor of Arts Degree; The University of Montana-Western  ATTACHMENT
  d. ITEM 112-1603-R0901 - Approval of Proposal to Add an Option in Visual Arts to the Bachelor of Arts Degree; The University of Montana-Western  ATTACHMENT
  e. ITEM 112-2005-R0901- Authorization to Create an Undergraduate Non-teaching Minor in Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management; Montana State University-Bozeman Attachment
  f. ITEM 112-2006-R0901- Authorization to Change the Name of the Biology Option within the Existing Biological Sciences Degree to Organismal Biology Option; Montana State University-Bozeman  Attachment
  g. ITEM 112-2007-R0901- Authorization to Create a New Option within the Biological Sciences Degree: Ecology and Evolution Option; Montana State University-Bozeman  Attachment
  h. ITEM 112-2008-R0901- Authorization to Create a New Bachelor of Science Degree in Cell Biology and Neuroscience with Two Options: 1) Biomedical Sciences, and 2) Cell Biology and Neuroscience; Montana State University-Bozeman  Attachment
  i. ITEM 112-2010-R0901- Authorization to Create a Doctor of Philosophy Degree in Computer Science; Montana State University-Bozeman ATTACHMENT
  j. ITEM 112-2011-R0901- Authorization to Create the Division of Agricultural Education/Agricultural Operations Technology in the Department of Entomology; Montana State University-Bozeman  ATTACHMENT
  k. ITEM 112-2012-R0901 - Authorization to Establish the Center for Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management; Montana State University-BozemanApproval of Proposal to Establish The Center for Entrepreneurship for the New West; Montana State University-Bozeman, College of Business (revised)  
  l. ITEM 112-2014-R0901- Authorization to Create athe Undergraduate Non-teaching Minor in International Business; Montana State University-Bozeman  ATTACHMENT

     Regent Roehm MOVED for APPROVAL to move all items of the SUBMISSION AGENDA to the ACTION AGENDA of the November 15-16, 2001 meeting.

      Motion APPROVED unanimously



a. Report on Credit by Examination  Memo
  b. Report on Montana University System Distributed Education 2001 (Policy 303.7)

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a. ITEM 112-101-R0901- Policy 204.2 - Commissioner Selection Policy - NEW; Office of the Commissioner of Higher Education
b. ITEM 112-114-R0901 - Revised Policy 204.3 - Commissioner of Higher Education; Duties; Office of the Commissioner of Higher Education
c. ITEM 112-110-R0901 - Security of Data and Information Technology Resources; Montana University System
d. ITEM 112-111-R0901 - Revised Policy 217.1 - Local Executive Boards; Office of Commissioner of Higher Education  AS AMENDED
e. ITEM 112-113-R0901 - Revised Policy 940.27 - Credit Cap on State-Subsidized Tuition Rates; Montana University System   AS AMENDED
f. ITEM 112-1004-R0901 - Approval to Grant an Easement in University Property for Inclusion in the City Riverfront Trail System; The University of Montana-Missoula

ITEM 112-1005-R0901- Approval to Negotiate Acceptance of Land as a Gift from Ducks Unlimited; The University of Montana-Missoula


     Regent Jasmin MOVED for  APPROVAL to MOVE all items as amended of the SUBMISSION AGENDA to the ACTION AGENDA of the November 15-16, 2001 meeting.

       Motion APPROVED unanimously.


a. ITEM 112-1002-R0901- Certificate of Completion, Washington/Grizzly Stadium Renovations, Series E 1998 Facilities Improvement and Refunding Revenue Bonds; The University of Montana-Missoula
b. ITEM 112-1003-R0901 - Certificate of Completion, University Center, Phase II, 3rd Floor Renovations, Series E 1998 Facilities Improvement and Refunding Revenue Bonds; The University of Montana-Missoula
c. ITEM 112-2001-R0901 - Authorization to Expend Student Computer Fees; Montana State University-Bozeman
d. ITEM112-2002-R0901 - Authorization to Expend Student Equipment Fees; Montana State University-Bozeman


        Regent Jasmin MOVED for  APPROVAL of all items on the ACTION CONSENT AGENDA

        Motion APPROVED unanimously.


a. ITEM 112-104-R0701 - Purchasing Requisitions; Computer Equipment revised; Office of the Commissioner of Higher Education   
b. ITEM 112-105-R0701 - New Policy on Building Authority; Office of the Commissioner of higher Education
c. ITEM 112-108-R0901 - Revisions to Policy 950.2 - Montana Family Education Savings Program; Office of Commissioner of Higher Education  Memo   Attachment 
d. ITEM 112-1012-R0701 - Renaming of the Museum of Fine Arts to The Montana Museum of Art and Culture; The University of Montana-Missoula


       Regent Jasmin MOVED for  APPROVAL of all items on the ACTION AGENDA.

       Motion APPROVED unanimously.

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At 3:30 p.m. the Board Recessed to meet with Classified Staff Representatives, followed by Faculty Representatives.


 The Full Board reconvened at 9:00 a.m.


There was no public comment.


Regents' Code of Expectations AS AMENDED Montana University System Strategic Plan – From Board Retreat Policy 705.1Commissioner and Board Performance Assessment and Compensation Procedure


Perkins Update

Arlene Parisot reported on the several projects that have been funded through the Perkins Grant.  She noted in particular the ACT testing center at the Billings College of Technology.  All of the equipment necessary is funded through Perkins, as well as leadership training, and she noted that this is important for economic development in the state as they are working closely with students, businesses and industry to bring skills up to what is needed to place students in employment.  The two year institutions have access to training for their new faculty who have no experience in teaching.  This is a valuable contribution to the institution.

Ms. Parisot discussed the Passport Project which is funded through a block grant in partnership with DPHHS.  Through HB1 they identified those who should receive training in order to move them from poverty into high wage positions.  They provide a two year or longer opportunity.  It has been very successful.  Without the support provided at the Colleges of Technology these programs would not be successful.  This program is funded with $1.5 million dollars from the federal welfare reserve.  Information on the program is disseminated to K-12 schools through OPI, with those receiving these funds being well aware of the programs available.




      Regent Hamilton MOVED for  APPROVAL of item b. of OLD BUSINESS as amended.

     Motion APPROVED unanimously.



      Regent Jasmin MOVED to DEFER item c. of OLD BUSINESS to a later date to be announced.

     Motion APPROVED unanimously.



      Regent Hamilton MOVED for  APPROVAL of item d. of OLD BUSINESS

     Motion APPROVED unanimously.


Policy 705.11705.4 Annual Commissioner's Performance Review

      Regent Semmens MOVED for APPROVAL of item e. of OLD BUSINESS.

     Motion APPROVED unanimously.


 Policy 705.12 705.5Periodic Self-Study of Board Performance

      Regent Hamilton MOVED for  APPROVAL of item f. of OLD BUSINESS.

     Motion APPROVED unanimously.


Draft Policy 705.13  The Comprehensive Review of Commissioner and Board Performance

      Regent Jasmin MOVED to TABLE item g. of OLD BUSINESS.

     Motion APPROVED unanimously.


Governance Process-Regent's Responsibilities, Duties,  and LimitationsAS AMENDED

      Regent Jasmin MOVED for APPROVAL of item h. of OLD BUSINESS as amended.

     Motion APPROVED on 6-1 vote with Regent Hamilton Dissenting for removal of the language "To be loyal first to... , always furthering the interests of the Board in its pursuit of its mission,..."


Governance Process--Chairperson's Responsibilities,  Role, Duties, and Limitations  

      Regent Jasmin MOVED for APPROVAL of item i. of OLD BUSINESS.

     Motion APPROVED unanimously.


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b. Appeal

Regent Mercer recused himself from this issue due to having personal knowledge of it, and indicated he would watch the process.  Chief Legal Counsel, LeRoy Schramm outlined to the Board of Regents their options at this time.  Based on the documents provided to them, they were to decide whether or not to grant the appeal based on the information provided in their packets, to refuse to entertain the appeal at this time thereby confirming the Commissioner's decision, or they could set it for a hearing at the November 15-16, 2001 meeting.  At that time they would invite the appellant to the meeting to be heard in Executive Session.  He reminded the Board that due to the needs of personal privacy, what they could discuss in open forum was limited.

     Regent Hamilton MOVED to DENY HEARING of item b. of NEW BUSINESS.

Regent Hur indicated he would rather have a full discussion of the case.


     Regent Hamilton CALLED for the QUESTION 

      Appellant was DENIED a HEARING thus UPHOLDING the COMMISSIONER�S DECISION.  Regent Mercer recused himself due to prior knowledge of the case.  The vote was 5-1 with Regent Hur dissenting due to a desire to discuss the appeal in executive session.

Regent Mercer inquired about what Policy said about the conduct of an appeal when it gets to the Board of Regents.

     Chief Legal Counsel LeRoy Schramm indicated there is no statement in policy about conduct, but that rather it is a practice and could be changed at any time.  Regent Mercer indicated he believed there should be a procedure.  He noted that what just took place didn't seem fair, with the Commissioner here and the university CEOs.  He said everyone should have his day in court.  He believed that the appellant was railroaded by the procedure.  He indicated that he will create a procedure and submit it to the Board of Regents.  

The Board recessed at 10:00 a.m. for an Exchange of Blankets ceremony with the Native American community in commemoration of American Indian Heritage.

The meeting reconvened at 10:30 a.m. 

Chairwoman Thompson thanked Superintendent of Higher Education, Linda McCulloch for taking time from her very busy schedule to attend the Board of Regents meetings.  She also thanked Representative Roy Brown who took time to attend this meeting.


She then read the following proclamation into the record:

Montana State University-Billings 75th Anniversary Proclamation

. . ..

Whereas, MSU-Billings is a comprehensive public higher education institution and is extremely active and forward looking through the College of Arts and Sciences, College of Business, College of Education and Human Services, College of Professional Studies and Lifelong Learning, and the integration of the College of Technology to become a fifth College of the University;

Whereas, the Board of Regents of the Montana University System wishes to acknowledge the contributions of the Montana State University-Billings, its faculty, staff and students and its importance to the State on the occasion of its 75th year of providing Access and Excellence in public higher education to the citizens and taxpayers of Montana and the region;

Therefore, the Montana University System Board of Regents proclaim the 75th anniversary celebration of this campus officially open from this date through Fall Semester 2002.


Margie Thompson, Chairperson, Montana University System Board of Regents


  Regent Roehm MOVED for APPROVAL of the Proclamation

  Motion APPROVED unanimously.


ITEM 112-112-R0901 - Approval of Operating Budget for FY 2002  Executive Summary  Quality Enhancements

Associate Commissioner for Fiscal Affairs, Rod Sundsted thanked the campus fiscal staffs for their high quality work in putting together their budget information with very tight time constraints.  He also thanked Laurie Neils who put in more work on the budget than he could have expected anyone to do.  He also thanked the Board of Regents for their attention to the budgets and the input they provided at the Wednesday work session.  He noted that the budget as presented reflects many board policies and choices and he listed several of them as follows:  State funding is provided only for resident students, with the funding following the student; there is now a balance between WUE students exchanged with other states;  fee waivers are in compliance with Board policy; the budgets reflect the Board's expenditure targets as established three years ago including enrollment reserves, increased funding for Libraries, Technology Infrastructure, and Operations and Maintenance of physical plants as well as incorporating the Regents' Strategic Plan;  the budgets incorporate step three of the tuition differential program for the Colleges of Technology and lower division courses at MSU-N and UM-W; 1% General Fund Transfer; revenue in current unrestricted includes tuition and fees as the Board approved at the last meeting; auxiliary accounts such as equipment and computer fee accounts, etc. reflect revenue resulting from fee level approved by the Board at the last meeting; and the increased tuition approved by the Board at the May 17-18, 2001 meeting is incorporated into the budgets with the 1% quality enhancement increment being detailed. Mr. Sundsted noted that it is expected that state funding will have an increase of 4% in current unrestricted with an increase of 9% in tuition.            

Chairwoman Thompson noted that Senator Royal Johnson complimented Laurie Neils and Rod Sundsted for the total operating budget work session presented on Wednesday.  He said it is precisely the kind of information that the legislature needs at its fingertips.  He indicated he would be sure that happened by January 5th.  He thanked the Board of Regents and said that this effort did not go unnoticed.

Regent Jasmin indicated he would like some time to discuss the WUE side of the budget, particularly the pros and cons of what is offered to other states, and the compromise on tuition and benefits received by the Montana University System.  He feels there may not be a corresponding return on investment and questioned if Montana wants to remain a WUE state.

Associate Commissioner Sundsted indicated he would be willing to provide a summary of WUE to the Regents.

   Regent Roehm MOVED for APPROVAL of item a. of NEW BUSINESS.

Motion APPROVED unanimously.

Regent Mercer raised the issue of the Montana University System budget, indicating he was flabbergasted by the manner in which the Board of Regents exercises its authority over the budget.  He indicated the Regents should be involved in the preparation of the budget, and he will put together a process that he will recommend to the Board of Regents be followed.  He asked if there was any sort of reserve and ability to move money around.  He is interested in excess money that's not budgeted and can be spent without Board approval.  

He asked further why there was no flag, pledge of allegiance or prayer at the meeting.  There was discussion that some campuses do not have a flag available for the meeting room, while some do.

Again, Regent Mercer noted that Governor Pataki of New York said that the children of those killed in the September  11 catastrophe would have tuition waived at any state college in New York.  Regent Mercer asked why the Board of Regents couldn't say that it would waive tuition for those children also.  He believed not many would come to Montana, but that it would make Montana consistent with New York.

Regent Hur suggested a complete fee waiver for the victims of the September 11, 2001 catastrophe, and also a policy to make the pledge of allegiance mandatory at each meeting.  He wanted to enact these today.

Chairwoman Thompson indicated that the fee waiver needs to have a policy, whereas the pledge of allegiance needs no policy.

   Regent Jasmin MOVED for APPROVAL of a Fee Waiver for the spouses and children of victims of the September 11, 2001 World Trade Center, Pentagon and Pennsylvania disasters.  

    Motion APPROVED unanimously.

 Regent Mercer indicated that this information needs to be communicated to the public.

President Dennison noted that there is a national movement involving colleges and universities to provide scholarships and funds for those same people.  It is being orchestrated by ACE.

A moment of silence was held for the victims of the September 11, 2001 catastrophe.

With no further business to come before the Board, the meeting adjourned at 10:50 a.m.

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