Montana Board of Regents

 of Higher Education 


Regular Meeting


November 20-21, 2003


Montana State University-Bozeman

PO Box 172440

Bozeman, MT 

These Minutes were approved unanimously by the Board of Regents at the January 15-16, 2004 meeting in Helena, MT

System Issues (Action/Submission & Discussion)

Administrative/Budget Items (Action/Submission & Discussion)

Academic/Student Affairs Items (Action/Submission & Discussion)

Consent Agenda(Staff, Academic/Student Affairs, Administrative/Budget,

Labor Agreements/Other, System)



The full Board reconvened at 7:30 a.m. 



Roll Call indicated a quorum present.

Regents Present:  Lynn Morrison-Hamilton, Christian Hur Vice-Chair, Ed Jasmin Chairman, John Mercer, Richard Roehm, Mark Semmens, Lila Taylor, and Superintendent of Public Instruction Linda McCulloch ex officio.  Also present was Commissioner Sheila Stearns

Regents Absent: Governor Judy Martz ex officio.


      Regent Hamilton MOVED for APPROVAL of the Minutes of the September 24-25-26, 2003 Regular Meeting in Billings, MT

      The Minutes were APPROVED unanimously on a 7-0 vote.

     Regent Hamilton MOVED for APPROVAL of the Minutes of the November 17, 2003 Conference Call Meeting.

       The Minutes were APPROVED unanimously on 7-0 vote.



Reauthorization Act Update by OCHE staff � Information Item   Attachment A   Attachment B

Commissioner Stearns presented an update to the Board on the Reauthorization Act.  Please see report.


Long Range Planning Processes (Retrospective) � Discussion Item � Rod Sundsted

Associate Commissioner Rod Sundsted gave an overview of the five-year planning done about three and a half years ago.  The review revealed some projections were very close to actuality, while some were off.  Based on the wishes of the Board, he will run this projection again using their designated assumptions.  Some of those will be deferred maintenance, and unfunded cost of retirements.   There is concern that the two sides of the system work with different sets of assumptions, and they will work with OCHE to develop a common set of assumptions the Board considers important.  It was noted that across the western states, students are opting to remain home because of the non-resident costs involved.  The non-resident student base has fallen, and the market must be aimed at the areas that can afford the cost.  A non-resident student will expend about $22,000 in Montana, with about half going to the campus and the other half directly into the economy.  With the loss of 300 non-resident students, there is about $6.6 million dollars lost by the Montana economy. The middle- income families have been caught in a higher cost to themselves than either the lower- or the upper-income families.  Discounting tuition for the 300 non-resident students by $1,000,000 would retain $5.6 million in the state rather than losing the full amount.  The loss of 300 non-resident students has caused the depletion of the contingency fund at UM-Missoula.  Next year they will face a shortage of $5,000,000.  There is a difference in cost for recruitment of non-resident and resident students.  At the next meeting, the campuses will provide the Board with an update of where they are financially, as compared to the budgets which they approved, and UM-Missoula will also give a report on their strategic planning.


Biennial Budget Planning � Discussion Item � Rod Sundsted

Regent Semmens indicated to the Board this item covers the month-by-month budget process recommended by the Budget Committee.  This proposal involves the Regents in the budget process nine months early to build in their priorities and still submit the budget to the Budget Office by May of even years.  The process culminates in the operating budgets presented to the board in September.  The mechanics still need to be worked out, but this is a step in the right direction.  This year the process will be collapsing the November and January updates into the January meeting.  Commissioner Stearns will request input from a variety of areas, inside and outside the system.  The Board has until May for final adoption.  Regent Mercer noted they are not positive how this process will work out, but it can be adjusted as they go along.  There needs to be fundamental built-ins, they need to generate revenue, and to identify problems common to the MUS, businesses, families and the government, such as retirement costs.  The Board will be at the table with the campus CEOs talking about different issues, they will focus on solving fiscal problems, and examine ways to identify the problems common across the state.  Regent Roehm noted they will need to look at both revenue and expenses. 

   Regent Semmens MOVED for ADOPTION of the proposed process

   The Motion was APPROVED unanimously on 7-0 vote.

Another charge to the committee was review of the reports generated by the campuses with elimination of those no longer needed.  Their recommendations will be presented at the January Board meeting.


Status report on the Board of Education Indian Education Committee - Regents Hamilton and Roehm   Policy Statement   Jay Treaty (Jay Treaty Cover Page)   Initiatives in Indian Education   MUS New Proposal   Montana Code Annotated 20-1-501   

Regent Roehm indicated that American Indians are the fastest growing minority in Montana.  He referred to the historical documents included with the Agenda, and noted there are 16 action points for follow-up by OCHE.  Regent Semmens indicated that although the growth of the Native American student population as a percentage of the entire student body on the campuses is only 3%, it is an increase of 20% in the number of Native American students attending.  There are many programs ongoing at the various campuses.  Chancellor Sexton indicated the enrollment of Native Americans at MSU-Billings is about 7%.  They work with tribal colleges to prepare Native Americans for teaching.  They have a high percentage of transfers from the tribal colleges and their graduation rates are increasing.  Chancellor Capdeville indicated they have a significant number of Native American students at about 19% of the student population.  MSU-Northern does economic development with Fort Peck Community College, they have dual enrollment for students at Stone Child College, and Northern graduated 28 or 29 this last spring.  They have a wonderful relationship with the tribal colleges.  President Gamble reported that MSU-Bozeman has a number of programs across the campus, but is still underachieving.  Native Americans are about 3% of their student population.  He also noted that Henrietta Mann had reached the end of her endowed position, and he requested she join him as a special advisor and she agreed.  They have a coordinated plan for Indian education to make more impact.  They are also developing a plan for working with Indian students and Elders as an advisory group to President Gamble.  He also noted that Washington State supported an effort to change state boundaries, which are artificial from Native American history and language, and now recognize the traditional homelands of the tribes.  President Dennison indicated that the 7% number was not the goal of the Board.  Rather, it was to have proportionality.  He does not believe it is wise to put formulae into statute.   He agreed with Regent Hamilton that there is good participation by Native Americans in courses offered at the tribal colleges, but low numbers are going on to the four-year campuses.  UM-Missoula does have dual enrollment for students at the tribal colleges if they are interested.  He noted that Teresa Branch is the advocate for Native American students at UM-Missoula, and there are many support services for these students.  Twelve of those are related to scholarly endeavors.  Despite all these enhancements, President Dennison noted that UM-Missoula still has a distance to go.  Chancellor Ulrich noted they have a teacher education program with Salish Kootenai College.  Faculty teach at the partner institution, and students also exchange between the campuses.  They are ready to start another cohort of 15 to 20 students.  Chancellor Gilmore explained that the program mix at Montana Tech of UM is exactly what American Indian students need, but it is also a difficult program.  The major hurdle is math requirements.  Every year Montana Tech does a Tour of the Nations, visiting all of the reservations and tribal colleges.  They are also attempting to get articulation agreements with tribal colleges.  Representative Norma Bixby stated efforts at student retention need to be improved.  She noted there are some faculty members who help American Indian students make it through higher education, but recommended more diversity training for the campuses since some professors make the Indian students jump through too many hoops.  She believes that dual enrollment is a great idea, and that the campuses also need to help K-12 with professional development for all teachers.  She suggested a research project on why these students are not learning to read and do math, as well as ESL classes, and learning to understand how Indian children learn.  Representative Bixby cited needs such as parent involvement, retention and recruitment of Indian students, creation of support systems for Indian students on campuses with aid of tribes, visits by financial aid representatives to the tribal colleges, and consistent monitoring of the campus diversity plans.  Ellen Swaney encouraged the creation of a committee of the campuses to look at the diversity plan, flesh it out, and set time lines and duties.  She believes it would be beneficial to have a system level plan to which all campuses can refer.

Following a fifteen-minute break, the Board reconvened at 10:25.


Chairman Jasmin announced that Governor Martz would arrive at the meeting around 10:00 a.m. on Friday morning.

President Gamble introduced Dr. Linda Hyman, Director and Vice President for the Division of Life Sciences.


Residency Policy � Discussion Item - Regent Hamilton

Following discussion of changes that could be made to the residency policy for returning Montanans, it was agreed that Commissioner Stearns will work with Chief Legal Counsel LeRoy Schramm to arrive at some resolution of this issue.  There appear to be few options, except perhaps the extension of the window now available to Montana residents. 


Quality Benchmarks � Discussion Item - Roger Barber  Memo

Deputy Commissioner Barber shared ideas gathered from the campuses regarding quality benchmarks.  The Board was also presented with a sampling of benchmarks used by other systems.  All of these items were approached from different angles by different systems, and did not necessarily measure the same information.  Roger Barber requested more specific guidelines from the Board of what they expected to achieve or how they intended to use the benchmarks before he proceeds further.  This same issue is before Congress now with the Reauthorization of Higher Education Act.  Measures need to be made in three areas:  system wide and campus-wide outcomes, and image for marketing.  A few specific guidelines offered were responsiveness, effectiveness, measurable missions and goals, caliber of learning experience, quality of life on campus, renowned faculty, publishing histories, faculty/student ratios, output ratios, licenses and certificates earned, grad school placements, employer satisfaction, retention, number of years to graduation, and value of the programs offered. 

  Regent Mercer MOVED that the Board request the Commissioner of Higher Education work with people in the system to determine the size and makeup of the committee to define quality benchmarks.  The committee should include people from outside the system, average citizens, and people in government and business.

Regent Hamilton asked Regent Mercer if it was his intention for the members of the group to be approved by the Board before they began working.  He indicated he did not.  Regent Hamilton then indicated she would vote against the motion under that circumstance. 

  Regent Mercer modified his motion to have the Commissioner bring back the proposed list of members to the Board for approval at the next meeting.

Motion approved unanimously on 7-0 vote

Regent Semmens recommended the Board review the source materials provided them, and if they have any good suggestions, they provide those to Roger Barber. 


Economic Road Map Update � Commissioner Stearns

Commissioner Stearns gave a brief update on the progress of this issue.  The steering committee so far is made up of David Gibson from the Governor�s office, Clayton Schenck, Terry Johnson, Rod Sundsted, Laurie Neils, and Webb Brown, Director of the Montana Chamber of Commerce.  Ideas will be presented to the Board on a regular basis.


ITEM 121-109-R1103 - Board of Regents Policy and Procedures Manual:  Governance and Organization Section 201.7 � By-Laws  (Revised) � Action Item � Regent Jasmin

   Regent Roehm MOVED for APPROVAL of Item h.

    The Motion was APPROVED unanimously on 7-0 vote.

Cover memo to Items i., j., and k.


ITEM 121-110-R1103 � Amend Policy 940.24 Collection and Remittance of Fees for Student, Non-profit and Non-partisan Organization; The University of Montana-Missoula � Action Item � Regent Hur

Item i. was pulled from the agenda.


ITEM 121-111-R1103 � Amend Policy 940.24 Collection and Remittance of Fees for Student, Non-profit and Non-partisan Organization; The University of Montana-Missoula � Action Item � Regent Hur


ITEM 121-112-R1103 � Amend Policy 940.24 Collection and Remittance of Fees for Student, Non-profit and Non-partisan Organization; The University of Montana-Missoula � Action Item � Regent Hur

  Regent Hur MOVED for APPROVAL of Items j. and k.

  Regent Hamilton requested the items be voted on separately.

Regent Hur declared his conflicts of interest on this issue as being involved with MontPirg for over a year in creating the permissive version; he is a member of the College Republicans; is a UM student; he promised MontPirg at the beginning of his involvement that he would not vote in favor of any elimination outright of MontPIRG�s ability to collect the fees; and MAS took a vote the previous evening stating support for Item k. 

The following individuals expressed no support for any of the items presented:

Scott McCarthy on behalf of MAS

Aaron Flint on behalf of ASUM

Dan Hartmann on behalf of ASMSU-N

Carla Amerson on behalf of ASMSU-B

Web Holmes

The following individuals spoke in support of item j.

Gayle Price

Dave Ponder

Matt Singer

Denver Henderson

Andrew Miller

Justin Baker

Joe Haze

Brett Thompson (delivered 1000 signatures)

Kimberly Pappas 

Sapphire Diamond Rink 

Chris Nolan

Mathew Jennings

Ross Prosperi

Rebecca Pettit

Megan Graves

Jace Christiansen

Heather Hinsey

Mathew (unknown)

Blaine Zollar

The following individuals spoke against item j.

Joshua Huey

Steve Gobel

Kayla French

Klinton Pfeifle

Tom Figerelli

The following individuals spoke in support of item k.

Joshua Huey

Steve Gobel

Kayla French

Tom Figerelli

Jay Keenan

The following individuals spoke against item k.

Klinton Pfeifle

Mathew Jennings

Ross Prosperi

 Regent Roehm MOVED to TABLE Items j. and k. and to have OCHE put an item on the January 15-16, 2004 agenda to repeal Policy 940.24 to be effective on expiration of the current contract.

 Regent Hamilton offered a friendly Amendment to table only until the students come forward with a better policy.

 Regent Roehm indicated the items will alter the current policy to such an extent, that repeal of the policy should also be on the table.

 Regent Mercer MOVED to TABLE the two items until the March 25-26, 2004 meeting

 Motion to TABLE items until the March 25-26, 2004 meeting APPROVED on 6-1 vote with Regent Hamilton dissenting.

 Regent Mercer MOVED that those interested in any repeal or modification submit their items to be placed on the March agenda.

 Motion APPROVED UNANIMOUSLY on 7-0 vote

The Board recessed at 12:30 for lunch with student leadership followed by a meeting with classified staff representatives.

The Board reconvened at 2:05 p.m.


Bob Horn, principal of Manhattan High School advised the Board that some of the current seniors in high school are caught in the gap between the old math standards and the new math standards adopted for 2004.  Originally, they had been told the new standards would be adopted in 2005, and classes were scheduled accordingly for these students.  Since the standards were adopted this year, some seniors are deficient in the math standards. 

  Regents unanimously agreed that if this year�s Montana high school seniors do not meet the new mathematics proficiency standards, they will be granted an exemption to that admissions� policy.


Erik Burke of MEA-MFT complimented the Board on the tuition waiver for dependents and would like to see it become permanent.  He will send a letter to the Board with specific recommendations for budget negotiations before the next legislative session.


Representative Norma Bixby addressed the issue of racism on the campuses.  She indicated many Indian students do not go on to the four-year campuses because of racial slurs, and she challenged Regent Hur to take on this issue at the student level.


Aaron Flint, President of ASUM commented on the problem facing middle-income students as tuition rises, and they do not receive additional financial aid.  He noted there needs to be equity and some method to retain the middle-income students.  Regent Hamilton suggested Mr. Flint look into the College Opportunity for All Act.



d. ITEM 119-1901-R0503 - Request to establish an Associate of Science Degree in Nursing leading to Licensure as a Registered Nurse; The University of Montana-Helena College of Technology (Action Item) Summary   Letter from Carroll CollegeAttachment   Application  ProposalProposal Attachment    Letter from Carroll College to Board of Nursing   Budget    Survey Results  
Item d. pulled from agenda
h. Informational session and business plan concerning the Experience One project at Dillon.  UM-W Response   Article    Letters of Support

Karl Ulrich, Interim Chancellor of The University of Montana-Western, made a presentation to the Board on the history and background of the Experience One program.  Faculty members and students also reported on the benefits they derived from using the program.  Beginning in fall of 2004, all freshmen will enroll in the Experience One Program, with the balance of the students to be included in the fall of 2005.  Mike Klakken of Dillon asked the Board to stop implementation of the Experience One program.  

  Regent Hur MOVED that the Board support the efforts to implement the Experience One Program at the University of Montana-Western

  Regent Mercer requested the Motion be withdrawn. 


The Board took a ten-minute recess 


  Regent Hur WITHDREW his motion.

Chairman Jasmin declared the matter closed and done with. 

i. ITEM 120-2802-R0903 � Approval of Proposal to Offer the Associate of Applied Science Degree in Plumbing; Montana State University-Northern � Action Item Summary   Proposal  Attachment  Attachment 2      Appendices 1 - 4  Appendix V

  Regent Roehm MOVED for APPROVAL of Item i.

The following individuals testified to the need for this program, as well as the coordinated efforts made by both the independent and organized sections of the industry to work with Montana State University-Northern to bring this issue to fruition:  Cheri Jimeno, Bob Nault (plumbing/heating contractor from Havre), Mark Mackey, Supervisor of Apprenticeship and Training Program, Department of Labor, Steve Nelson, Chairman, State Board of Plumbers, Con Sullivan, Local 41 Plumbers and Pipefitters in Butte, and Lou Dumas, MEM Supply Company.

Regent Mercer requested assistance in changing the form covering the financial aspects of all program requests.  He appreciated the data provided by the Department of Labor.  

 Motion APPROVED UNANIMOUSLY on 7-0 vote

Following a ten-minute break the Board reconvened at 4:40 p.m.


Appeal of Greg Weller � (Appellant will appear by telephone)

There was extensive discussion on the facts of this appeal, and the chronology of actions taken by Mr. Weller. 

 Regent Semmens MOVED to grant residency effective on the anniversary of December 6, 2002 (effective date is December 6, 2003)

 Motion APPROVED UNANIMOUSLY on 7-0 vote

The Board recessed at 5:40 p.m.


The board reconvened at 8:40 a.m.


Please see attached reports





MUS Salaries�Action item�Regent Roehm

Chairman Jasmin asked if the motion could be withdrawn and this item become part of the Compensation Committee discussion to be worked out with the Budget Committee plan.  Regent Roehm indicated he was asking the campus data people to design an empirical study to be reviewed by the Budget Committee, with the study then to be conducted and analyzed on campus.  The results would go back to the board through the Commissioner.

Regent Roehm restated his motion for the Board to ask the Commissioner to work with the campus CEOs to design a process for MUS compensation relative to that of its peers.  Second, a report is to be made to the Board within the framework of each institution's priorities.

Regent Roehm indicated he did not intend the peer groups to be found only inside Montana, as some positions only have peers at institutions with the stature of Stanford University.  Regent Mercer indicated he would not support the motion as it asks staff to conduct a huge project.  Regent Roehm indicated the design of the process will be reviewed by the Budget Committee with their input before any action occurs.  

    Regent Roehm AMENDED his MOTION to add after, �present to the Budget Committee for review, and then conduct....�

    Amended Motion APPROVED UNANIMOUSLY on 7-0 vote


a. ITEM 121-101-R1103 � Amend Policy 940.13 � Fee Waivers; Montana University System (Action Item)
Item a. was pulled from the Agenda
b. ITEM 121-103-R1103 � Eliminate Policy 971.7.1 Building and Maintenance Fees; Colleges of Technology (Action Item)  Attachment

  Regent Mercer MOVED for APPROVAL of Item b.

  Motion APPROVED UNANIMOUSLY on 7-0 vote


ITEM 121-104-R1103 � Tuition Waiver for Dependents (New) � Office of Commissioner of Higher Education (Action Item)

  Regent Semmens MOVED for APPROVAL of Item c.

  Motion APPROVED on 5-2 vote with Regents Roehm and Taylor dissenting

Clarification was made that this covers individuals who have not yet attained a Bachelors degree.


ITEM 121-107-R1103 � Two Year Marketing Proposal; Office of Commissioner of Higher Education (Action Item)  Proposal   Budget

John Cech gave an overview of the proposed campaign which would target the general population of Montana.  He indicated it was a $100,000 package which requests $75,000 from the Board of Regents to be matched with $25,000 from sponsors and partners.  The campaign will highlight the impact on existing business, as well as the impact on the quality of life through life long learning.  The coordinated campaign has a 32-page booklet, radio and TV spots, development of a ten-minute promotional video, and billboards across the state.  Partners will publish and distribute more than 350,000 copies of the booklet, and will also provide technical and artistic help.  Regent Hamilton expressed concern with the strategies, and indicated she wanted to see the campaign extended to four or five years.  President Dennison pointed out this was actually a $125,000 project since they anticipate two matches of $25,000 each.  The financial commitment of the community colleges will vary between $2000 and $3000 depending on the number of partners.

Regent Hamilton MOVED that the Board set aside a matching grant program of $75,000 a year for the next three years for the marketing and outreach project, with matching funds coming from the four-year campuses or external partners.

Regent Semmens indicated he would hesitate to commit to three years.  Although it is planned only as a one-year program, Regent Hamilton reiterated she wants to develop the idea that it is a long-term project to change opinions in the state and she wants it to continue.

Regent Hamilton REVISED her Motion that the Board set aside $75,000 on a match program for one year with the Committee making recommendations past the first year of the campaign.

Regent Hamilton indicated the intent of the match is for the community colleges to be part of the proposal, while other partners would be four-year campuses, external partners to MUS, other agencies, banks, and foundations in consortium and responsible for what is already committed.  Dean Mary Moe stated the two-year campuses will also be investing their dollars to run the video in their local areas.

Regent Semmens MOVED $75,000 be set aside from the Regents� Priority funds, with at least a $50,000 match by a combination of the campuses and outside sponsors.

  Regent Hamilton so MOVED

  Motion APPROVED UNANIMOUSLY on 7-0 vote


ITEM 121-1003-R1103 � Increase in Authorization for Research Facility; The University of Montana-Missoula (Action Item)

  Regent Roehm MOVED APPROVAL of Item e.

  Motion APPROVED UNANIMOUSLY on 7-0 vote

f. ITEM 121-2004-R1103 � Authorization to Renovate the Engineering Physical Sciences (EPS) Building; Montana State University-Bozeman (Action Item)  Attachment

  Regent Roehm MOVED APPROVAL of Item f.

  Motion APPROVED UNANIMOUSLY on 7-0 vote

g. ITEM 121-2007-R1103 � Authorization to Construct a Cleanroom in the Engineering Complex; Montana State University-Bozeman (Action Item)  Attachment

  Regent Roehm MOVED APPROVAL of Item g.

  Motion APPROVED UNANIMOUSLY on 7-0 vote


ITEM 121-2703-R1103 � Authorization to Install Fire Suppression Systems in Various Residence Halls; Montana State University-Billings (Action Item)

Regent Taylor MOVED APPROVAL of Item h.

Motion APPROVED UNANIMOUSLY on 7-0 vote with Regent Roehm�s vote being cast by proxy as he was out of the room

i. ITEM 121-108-R1103 - Authorization to Accept Offer for the Sale of Property Located at 11 Park Road, Havre, Montana; Montana State University-Northern (Action Item)  Appraisal    Agreement

  Regent Mercer MOVED APPROVAL of Item i.

  Motion APPROVED UNANIMOUSLY on 6-0 vote with Regent Roehm absent

j. ITEM 121-2006-R1103 � Authorization to Accept a Bequest of the Talon Ranch; Montana State University-Bozeman (Action Item)  Agreement

  Regent Mercer MOVED APPROVAL of Item j.

  Motion APPROVED UNANIMOUSLY on 7-0 vote

Following a ten-minute break, the Board reconvened at 11:25

Panel Discussion


Destination Education Panel Discussion (Tourism)
Regent Mercer indicated he requested this panel discussion in order to work toward coordinating the marketing of the state of Montana and higher education.  Norma Nickerson moderated the panel, the members being Betsy Baumgart of Travel Montana, Angie Day of Big Sky Resort, Joe McClure of Big Sky Economic Development Authority, and Kim Obbink of MSU-Bozeman.  The panel provided information on the groups they represent, and suggested some areas where the MUS could partner with them in marketing.

Governor Martz arrived at the meeting at 11:45 a.m.

In a prepared speech, Governor Martz announced she was allocating $2.7 million of the federal economic stimulus package to the Montana University System.  She designated $450,000 to the community colleges to be distributed on a per student basis.  She asked that $250,000 of the allocation be directed to The University of Montana to build upon their distance-learning program which she suggested be directed to rural and isolated K-12 students.

Governor Martz concluded her remarks at 12:05 p.m.

Return to Panel Discussion

Regent Mercer wanted to determine what structure could be developed for the MUS and these agencies to work together.  Mention was made of using the alumni groups, and cross-linking university system web sites with those of the various groups.  It was recommended that a small group look at the opportunities, and bring recommendations back to the Board.   Commissioner Sheila Stearns offered to work with Betsy Baumgart and Norma Nickerson, and perhaps representatives from admissions, continuing education, and university relations.  Regent Semmens encouraged the committee to consider three areas: general marketing through links, and print materials; targeted marketing; and event based marketing.  He suggested a target market of children under 18, and inquired if there was an opportunity for the MUS to target the Travel Montana packets.  He also recommended event collaboration between the tourism industry and educational opportunities occurring on the campuses.  Betsy Baumgart indicated Travel Montana has a comprehensive statewide calendar of events and any group may send her items they want posted to the site.  


The Board recessed for lunch at 12:25.
k. ITEM 121-2701-R1103 � Authorization to Acquire Real Property; Montana State University-Billings (Submission Item)
l. ITEM 121-2702-R1103 � Authorization to Purchase Real Property (2415 Elm Street); Montana State University-Billings (Submission Item)
Items k. and l. pulled from Agenda by Chancellor Sexton

The Board reconvened at 12:45 p.m.



ITEM 120-201-R0903 - Approval of Proposal to implement a Two-Year, Outdoor Recreation Management A.A.S. Degree Program as well as a One-Year Certificate Program; Dawson Community College, Glendive, Montana. (Submission Item)   Summary    Proposal

  Regent Hur MOVED APPROVAL of Item a.

  Motion APPROVED UNANIMOUSLY on 7-0 vote


Nursing Coordinating Group Report � Regents Roehm and Hamilton
Regent Roehm gave a brief explanation on the makeup of this group, indicating it was not to be construed as a committee or subcommittee of any of the entities represented by the individuals.  He indicated that Deputy Commissioner Roger Barber is working with the Nursing Board to create a better application form for new programs, which will be used by both the Nursing Board and the Board of Regents.  Commissioner Sheila Stearns questioned the long delay in accomplishing articulation between the Certificate program and the AA, which she noted would be a ladder to the BA.  Regent Roehm indicated that those involved in the nursing field are very passionate about their work, and he believes the only way to resolve the issue is from the top down.  Regent Hamilton indicated she believed the issue should be resolved from the bottom up.  Deputy Commissioner Barber reminded the Board that previous groups have been unable to resolve these issues.  They began meeting ten years ago and are faced with the same issues today.  Dean Ballentine urged the Board to remain patient to see what can be managed from the bottom up approach.  She believes that the grassroots are where the changes will happen.
c. ITEM 120-2018-R0903 � Authorization to Establish an Upper Division Nursing Campus in Bozeman; Montana State University-Bozeman (Action Item)   Summary    Proposal  Budget  Business Plan

Regent Mercer MOVED ADOPTION of Item c. to include that in the event it is not funded at that next opportunity by reallocation of funds at the campus, the issue is void and will not be returned to the Board. 

In response to a question from Regent Mercer, Provost Dooley indicated the costs are lower than they would have been because of the agreements with Deaconess for resources, and discussions will continue for more benefits.  Regent Semmens indicated lawmakers need to be made aware of the costs of programs to produce the needed graduates, and Provost Dooley indicated that nursing education was probably the most expensive education they provide, but it is necessary to bear the cost.  Regent Hur indicated he was in favor of Regent Mercer�s motion.  Regent Jasmin asked if the program could have super tuition, and Provost Dooley replied that normally super tuition is justified when compensation for graduates is higher than normal.  Nursing pay in Montana is a problem.  Regent Jasmin stated employers should recognize this and pay more to nurses.  Regent Hamilton voiced support for the proposal, but was inclined not to vote for it with the conditions placed by Regent Mercer.

Regent Roehm MOVED APPROVAL of Item c. 

Regent Mercer indicated he wanted the motion to remain that if the program is not funded, then approval is withdrawn.  He does not want to see it approved, not funded, but implemented at a later date.  Regent Hamilton indicated that if the Board approved the program, they also approved funding from the system level.  Regent Mercer indicated that was not accurate, and he didn�t believe it was good policy to approve a program with the statement �we are going to ask a committee for money.�  Provost Dooley indicated the action of the Board would not substantially affect their process of going through the Budget Committee on campus.  If the Board rejects the proposal, there will be nothing to fund.

Regent Mercer MOVED APPROVAL of Item c. with caveat that if there is no funding, there is no program.

Motion APPROVED on 4-3 vote with Regents Hamilton, Jasmin, and Roehm dissenting.

d. ITEM 119-1901-R0503 - Request to establish an Associate of Science Degree in Nursing leading to Licensure as a Registered Nurse; The University of Montana-Helena College of Technology (Action Item) Summary   Letter from Carroll CollegeAttachment   Application  ProposalProposal Attachment    Letter from Carroll College to Board of Nursing   Budget    Survey Results  
Item d. pulled from the agenda
e. Level II Memo (Information Item)
There were no questions on the Level II memo.

Regent Hur MOVED that the Commissioner work with a committee to assure the federal money is best spent, and have a plan ready for the January 15-16, 2004 meeting.

Commissioner Stearns noted that at the request of the Governor, she needed their help to do this.  Regent Jasmin recommended coordinating the development of proposals with the Governor�s office.  Regent Mercer suggested asking people in the system and others how best to meet the challenge of the Governor, then to bring the plan to the January 15-16, 2004 meeting for approval before giving it to the Governor�s office.  Regent Jasmin recommended there be interim consultation with the Governor�s office.  Regent Mercer noted that the Governor had already given directions on how to use the funds.  Associate Commissioner Rod Sundsted reminded the Board they had passed a policy that these funds would be used to offset tuition.  Regent Mercer indicated he hoped that would be one of the ideas considered, but was not sure it totally responded to the Governor�s request.  Regent Roehm stated that the Governor had made the proposal in public, they had all heard it, and wondered if they needed the motion.  Regent Hur stated they needed formal action for concrete guidance for the Chair and the Commissioner.

  Motion APPROVED on 4-3 vote with Regents Hamilton, Jasmin, and Roehm dissenting.

f. ITEM 120-2019-R0903 � Approval of Proposal to Establish a Bachelor of Liberal Studies; Montana State University-Bozeman � Action Item   Proposal

  Regent Roehm MOVED APPROVAL of Item f.

  Motion APPROVED UNANIMOUSLY on 7-0 vote

g. ITEM 120-2853-R0903 � Approval of Proposal to Establish an Associate of Arts Degree; Montana State University-Great Falls, College of Technology � Action Item   Summary   Proposal

  Regent Roehm MOVED APPROVAL of Item g.

  Motion APPROVED UNANIMOUSLY on 7-0 vote

j. Updated College Prep Exemption Report � Information Item � Roger Barber
k. Admission Policies � Information Item � Roger Barber  Policy 301.1
l. UM Admissions Policy � Information Item
Items j., k. and l. were deferred to the January 15-16, 2004 meeting.
m. Resolution on Enrollment Caps � Action Item � Regent Roehm  Cover

  Regent Roehm MOVED APPROVAL of Item m.

  Regent Hur offered a friendly AMENDMENT to change the term �unit� to �campus� or �institution�.

Regent Mercer asked if the Board prohibits the campuses from establishing more stringent standards at the campus level.  Provost Muir noted that, as a result of restructuring, the College of Technology is part of the main campus.  She noted they try to get students to the level they need.  Regent Roehm asked if �institution� replacing �unit� would solve the problem.  Chief Legal Counsel LeRoy Schramm replied it would be more confusing if Missoula considers themselves one campus, since they could not tell someone who met their established requirements for the four-year campus they would have to attend the College of Technology.  Regent Roehm indicated his intent with this Resolution was to demonstrate that the Board did not want to put a number cap on enrollment. 

Regent Roehm WITHDREW his motion.

Regent Semmens stated that he needed to leave the meeting due to family and weather considerations.
n. Level I Memo (Information Item)
There were no questions on Item n.
o. Writing Proficiency Update Information Item � Jan Clinard  Costs   Consortium
Item o. was deferred to the January 15-16, 2004 meeting


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Staff Items:


ITEM 121-1000-R1103 - Staff; The University of Montana Missoula


ITEM 121-1001-R1103 � Authorization to Confer the Title of Professor Emeritus of Business Administration upon Michael R. Brown; The University of Montana-Missoula


ITEM 121-1500-R1103 - Staff; Montana Tech of The University of Montana


ITEM 121-1600-R1103 � Staff; The University of Montana-Western


ITEM 121-1900-R1103 � Staff; The University of Montana-Helena College of Technology


ITEM 121-2000-R1103 - Staff; Montana State University-Bozeman

Regent Hur inquired about the 25% increase for three Biology faculty.  President Gamble replied they are part of a constellation of faculty in molecular biology, with contract and grant dollars.  Salaries are on the low end of the talent pool, yet these faculty bring in tremendous contract dollars.  Regent Mercer noted these are not state dollars.  Rather than arguing a high paying job is a bad thing, he believes it should be considered a good thing, especially when the dollars are coming from outside the state.


ITEM 121-2001-R1103 � Authorization to Confer the Title of Professor Emeritus of Extension upon Woodrow Ekegren; Montana State University-Bozeman


ITEM 121-2002-R1103 � Authorization to Confer the Title of Professor Emeritus of Spanish upon Jack Jelinski; Montana State University-Bozeman


ITEM 121-2003-R1103 � Authorization to Confer the Title of Professor Emeritus of Chemistry upon Reed A. Howald; Montana State University-Bozeman


ITEM 121-2300-R1103 - Staff; Agricultural Experiment Station


ITEM 121-2400-R1103 � Staff; Cooperative Extension Service


ITEM 121-2700-R1103 - Staff; Montana State University-Billings


ITEM 121-2800-R1103 - Staff; Montana State University-Northern
n. ITEM 121-2850-R1103 - Staff; Montana State University-Great Falls College of Technology

Labor Agreements/Other:


ITEM 121-2005-R1103 � Authorization of the Appointment of the Fire Services Training Advisory Council; Montana State University-Bozeman 


ITEM 121-105-R1103 � Approval of Tentative Agreement with MPEA; Office of Commissioner of Higher Education   Memo    Agreement
c. ITEM 121-106-R1103 � Approval of Tentative Agreement with MSU-N Faculty Association; Montana State University-Northern   Memo   Agreement
d. ITEM 121-113-R1103 � Approval of the Tentative Agreement with the International Union of Operating Engineers; Office of Commissioner of Higher Education   Memo    Agreement
e. ITEM 121-114-R1103 � Approval of Tentative Agreement with Pacific Northwest Regional Council of Carpenters; Office Commissioner of Higher Education  Memo
Items d. and e. were pulled from the Agenda.

      Regent Mercer MOVED APPROVAL of the Consent Agenda except for Items d. and e. of Labor Agreements which were pulled from the agenda

      Motion APPROVED UNANIMOUSLY on 6-0 vote with Regent Semmens absent


  Regent Hamilton Moved for Adjournment of the meeting

  Motion APPROVED on 5-1 vote with Regent Semmens absent and Regent Roehm dissenting

With no further business to come before the Board, the meeting adjourned at 2:00 p.m.

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